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	workers sampling, testing, and report

Evaluation: Program Review

Review of program activities, outputs, and outcomes is essential to good program performance. For a program to be accountable for producing results over any given timeline, activities, outputs and outcomes must be regularly monitored by the program through the systematic collection, analysis and reporting of information that tracks program activities and results (outputs and outcomes).

Since its inception, NIOSH has continuously sought ways improve effectiveness of the HHE Program. That willingness to examine its own performance has resulted in more than 10 program evaluations, each leading to program enhancements. These evaluations included expert review panels and interviews (three in the 1970s, one in the 1990s, one in 2005, and one in 2008), follow-up surveys of customer satisfaction (two in the 1970s and two in the 1980s), and specialized surveys (one in the 1980s and two in the 1990s).

Most recently, the HHE Program was one of several NIOSH program reviewed by the National Academies. More information about theses reviews of NIOSH programs is available at the National Academies Evaluation of NIOSH Research Programs page.

The National Academies released a report on their evaluation of the HHE Program in 2009. Based on a scoring system of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest, the committee rated both the relevance and impact of the HHE Program as 4. The report noted that “If the committee had not been restricted to the use of integers, both scores would have been between 4 and 5.” The report contains eight overarching recommendations addressing strategic planning, outreach to increase awareness about the program, HHE report recommendations, occupational heath capacity building, information transfer, policy impacts, emerging hazards, and public health emergencies.

View the complete text from the program review , including a discussion of the Committee recommendations.

NIOSH developed an implementation plan in response to the National Academies review.

View the HHE Program Implementation Plan Response to National Academies Evaluation [PDF - 644 KB] .

In 2011, NIOSH Board of Scientific Counselors reviewed the HHE Program’s progress on implementing five of the National Academies’ recommendations. Based on a scoring system of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest, the average rating for the five recommendations was 4.8 for Relevance, 4.4 for Sustainability, 4.4 for Progress, and 4.8 for Potential Impact.

View the HHE Program Report: Monitoring Progress in Implementing the National Academies’ Program Evaluation Recommendations [PDF - 636 KB]

View the Board of Scientific Counselors’ Report [PDF - 25 KB] .