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workers sampling, testing, and report

Activities: NIOSH Research Projects

Public Health Practice

Health Hazard Evaluation Program Customer Survey

This project is the first step in the development of a targeted marketing program that ensures the HHE Program is responsive to the needs of customers and addresses NORA sector priorities. The project involves a number of strategic components to survey potential HHE Program customers. The survey will gather information about awareness of the HHE Program, customers’ needs regarding content and preferred channels for communication, and occupational health hazard issues important to customers. Workers from all eight NORA Sector Programs where HHEs are conducted will benefit from this project.

Supporting Sector Programs: Agriculture; Construction; Services; and Transportation, Warehousing and Utilities
Project contact: Ken Wallingford
Hazard Evaluation and Technical Assistance Branch
(513) 841-4428
Project period: 2007-2010

Orthophthalaldehyde Hazard Assessment

The objective of this project is to characterize the potential health hazards associated with occupational exposure to orthophthalaldehyde (OPA) when used as a disinfectant of medical devices. Hazard characterization will enable development and communication of proper work practices, environmental control guidelines, and recommended exposure limits that will protect workers from the hazards associated with OPA use. This project will apply the fundamental strategy of the Exposure Assessment Program Area by employing a multidisciplinary approach to identify and characterize a workplace exposure in the Health Care and Social Assistance (HCSA) Sector, develop estimates of exposure for exposure-response studies, and provide baseline data for risk assessment and standard setting. Evaluating the impact of substituting OPA for glutaraldehyde is one of the intermediate goals of the HCSA sector. The NIOSH HHE Cross-sector Program has established partnerships with local and remote hospitals to participate in HHEs to determine if workers are exposed to OPA and whether this exposure is associated with health effects. Environmental and biomonitoring methods will be developed to aid HHEs. Additionally, toxicological assessments in experimental animals will identify direct cause-effect relationships and generate dose-response data for human health risk assessment and establishment of occupational exposure limits for OPA.

Supporting Sector Program: Healthcare
Project contact: Lilia Chen
Hazard Evaluation and Technical Assistance Branch
(513) 841-4214

Judith Eisenberg
Hazard Evaluation and Technical Assistance Branch
(513) 841-4428
Project period: 2008-2011

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