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police, fire, rescue vehicles

Input: Partnerships and Stakeholders


Partnerships are particularly important to NIOSH as the Emergency Preparedness and Response Cross-Sector is managed through an office of the director coordinating office rather than a full NIOSH division. Input from customers and stakeholders with inherent knowledge and concern for the health and safety of workers in the cross-sector helps in setting research priorities. Our partners and stakeholders in the EPR cross-sector include not only members of academia, government, and industry, but also other offices within HHS, CDC, and NIOSH itself. Collaborative research with our partners may include in-kind contributions which leverage NIOSH research dollars. Partners also add expertise or specialized experience to the research team, which benefits the research, analysis, interpretation, and communication of the results. Partners invited to collaborate with NIOSH in conducting research with the Emergency Preparedness and Response Cross-Sector include academia and foundations, government agencies, international organizations, corporations, and professional, trade, and labor associations.

As enabled by the National Response Plan's Worker Safety and Health Support Annex, NIOSH may directly support OSHA through an Interagency Agreement to identify, assess, document, and mitigate occupational safety and health issues during a crisis response. While not research per se, this direct support of response and recovery personnel provides NIOSH invaluable insight to operational procedures, successes and training gaps, equipment shortcomings, and direction for future research. NIOSH's assessments of worker health risks during these activities will provide the data to assist in (1) making sound decisions about the need to mitigate exposures, and (2) documenting and describing exposures and current health issues in anticipation of future concerns about health effects.

Stakeholders and Customers

The NIOSH Emergency Preparedness and Response Cross-Sector Program will plan to collaborate and work closely with a broad spectrum of workers, including the traditional emergency responders—police, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians—and the larger response community: health care workers, hazardous materials response teams, urban search and rescue assets, community emergency response teams, anti-terrorism units, special weapons and tactics teams, bomb squads, emergency management officials, municipal agencies, and private organizations responsible for transportation, communications, medical services, public health, disaster assistance, public works, and construction. The stakeholder and customer list is extensive, including industry, labor, academia, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and professional organizations both domestic and international. These organizations may also serve as research partners, as described in the previous section. They may also be users of our technology and scientific findings, peer reviewers, recipients of research grants and contracts, or sources of equipment, technology, or knowledge for advancing research in the emergency preparedness and response community.


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