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	worker at table saw with hood and guard

Outputs: Publications

A New Method to Clean Dust From Soiled Work Clothes
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication No. 2005-136 (May 2005)

Accident prevention through equipment-mounted buried utility detection Trends and Current Best Practices in Construction Safety and Health
Gainesville, FL: IeJC, 2005 Aug 1-11

An evaluation of catalytic emission controls and vertical exhaust stacks to prevent carbon monoxide poisonings from houseboat generator exhaust [PDF - 404 KB]
September 2005

An indoor environment design tool for entire buildings
NIOSH 2005 Apr: 1-5

Anthropometric criteria for the design of tractor cabs and protection frames
Ergonomics 2005 Mar; 48(4):323-353

Assessment of noise controls commonly used on jumbo drills and bolters in western United States underground metal mines
Min Eng 2005 Jan; 57(1):41-47

Computer Simulations Help Determine Safe Vertical Boom Speeds for Roof Bolting in Underground Coal Mines
Safety Res 2005 Oct-Dec; 36(4):387-397

Design Spans: Underhand Cut-and-Fill Mining
Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, and Petroleum, pp. 1-9.

Development of a dust collector inlet hood for enhanced surface mine drill dust capture
Int J Surface Min Reclam Environ 2005 Mar; 19(1):12-28

Development of an overhead power line contact alarm for mobile equipment
Int J Heavy Vehicle Syst 2005 Apr; 12(2):87-103

Dusting Off: NIOSH Develops a New Method to Clean Dust-Soiled Work Clothes
Rock Prod 108(3), 2005:30-34

Evaluation and control of dermal exposures
Synergist 2005 Jun-Jul; 16(6/7):39-40

Evaluation of a radar-based proximity warning system for off-highway dump trucks
Accid Anal Prev 2006 Jan; 38(1):92-98

Evaluation of carbon monoxide emissions from engines on recreational boats equipped with prototype catalysts
J Occup Environ Hyg 2006 Feb; 3(2):D4-D7

Evaluation of misting controls to reduce respirable silica exposure for brick cutting
Ann Occup Hyg 2005 Aug; 49(6):503-510

Evaluation of the Sideswipe exhaust system to reduce carbon monoxide exposure during motor boating and wake surfing, Yosemite Lake, Merced, California
Report No. CT-171-37a, NIOSH 2005 Dec

Field studies with innovative safe excavation technology
NIOSH 2005 Aug: 1-24

Fragmentation method: a ground control tool
Mining Engineering Magazine, Vol 57, No.3, pp. 37-42, March 2005.

Ground control for highwall mining in the United States
Int J Surface Min Reclam Environ 2005 Sep; 19(3):188-217

Identification of ergonomics interventions used to reduce musculoskeletal loading for building installation tasks
Appl Ergon 2005 Jul; 36(4):427-439

Improve drill dust collector capture through better shroud and inlet configurations [PDF - 84 KB]
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication No. 2006-108 (October 2005)

Improving the prevention and control of hazardous substance exposure: a randomized controlled trial in manufacturing work sites
Am J Ind Med 2005 Oct; 48(4):282-292

In-depth survey report: evaluation of ventilation and filtration system for LMDS and DPRC at United States Postal Service Processing and Distribution Center, Cincinnati, Ohio
May 2005

Mining roof bolting machine safety: a study of the drill boom vertical velocity
NIOSH 2005 May: 1-56

NIOSH/NHCA best-practices workshop on impulsive noise
Noise Control Eng J 2005 Mar-Apr; 53(2):53-60

Noise and hearing protection for drillers
Water Well J 2005 Dec; 59(12):20-21,23

Optimal cylindrical handle diameter for grip force tasks
Int J Ind Ergon 2005 Jun; 35(6):495-507

Preventing Worker Deaths from Uncontrolled Release of Electrical, Mechanical, and Other Types of Hazardous Energy
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication No. 99-110 (August 1999)

Recommendations for protecting laboratory, field, and clinical workers from West Nile Virus exposure
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication No. 2006-115 (December 2005)

Reducing enclosed cab drill operator's respirable dust exposure with effective filtration and pressurization techniques
J Occup Environ Hyg 2005 Jan; 2(1):54-63

Reducing roof fall accidents on retreat mining sections
Coal Age 2005 Dec; 110(12):26-31

Reducing whole-body vibration and musculoskeletal injury with a new car seat design
Ergonomics 2005 Jul; 48(9):1183-1199

Re-evaluation of ventilation/filtration system for revised hand-cull stations of the 010 culling system at United States Postal Service Processing and Distribution Center, Baltimore, Maryland [PDF - 507 KB]
June 2005

Sampling Results of the Improved SKC – Diesel Particulate Matter Cassette
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, 2(1), 2005 Jan: 29-37

Securing the blast site to prevent blasting-related injuries
J Explos Eng 2005 Jul/Aug; 22(4):6-14

Silicosis mortality, prevention, and control - United States, 1968-2002
JAMA J Am Med Assoc 2005 Jun; 293:2585-2586

Simplified overturn stability monitoring of agricultural tractors
J Agric Saf Health 2005 Feb; 11(1):99-108

Small businesses with high fatality rates: assessment of hazards and their prevention
J Occup Environ Hyg 2006 Feb; 3(2):D8-D14

Standing support alternatives in western United States longwalls
Min Eng 2006 Feb; 58(2):49-55

Technological intervention to eliminate deaths during pipe-installation
Trends and Current Best Practices in Construction Safety and Health, Hinze J, ed., Gainesville, FL: IeJC, 2005 Aug

Test for the integrity of environmental tractor cab filtration systems
J Occup Environ Hyg 2005 Oct; 2(10):516-523

The Critical Ventilation Velocity in Tunnel Fires - A Computer Simulation
Fire Safety Journal, 2005 Apr; 40(3):213-244