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NORA Economics Sector Strategic Goals

Projects Underway or Planned
No Projects Underway or Planned

Goal 1.0: Increase the knowledge base on the value of preventing occupational illness and injury.

Intermediate Goal 1.4: Assess the benefits of prevention and the costs of occupational illness and injury to society

Activity/Output Number Goal Description Status
1.4.1 Estimate the relative burden of injury and illness using MarketScan™ or other sources of health, productivity, and risk assessment information. This is accomplished by compiling information on days away from work, health care costs associated with disability, and workers' compensation claims, and combining these data with national estimates of occupational injury and illness cases from BLS and other sources.
1.4.2 Complete studies on the extent to which work-related disability leads to a change in job or premature exit from the labor force, and the extent to which this reduces income and increases the receipt of government and insurance benefits.

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