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NIOSH Program Portfolio

NIOSH Programs > Construction > Strategic Goals >Main Goals List > Non-Goal Construction Projects


NORA Construction Sector Strategic Goals

Non-Goal Construction Projects

Project Title % Attributed to Construction
Etiology of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Among Construction Workers 100%
Preventing Hearing Loss Among Shipyard Workers 50%
Developing Construction Sector Communications Capabilities 98%
Exposure Assessment by Physiological Sampling 50%
Data Acquisition and Management 50%
Musculoskeletal Disorders and Innate Immune System 50%
Assessing the Utility of Control Banding in the U.S. 50%
Priority Pops: Coordination Project 50%
Health Effects of Asphalt Exposure: Development of a REL 50%
Hearing Protector Testing Methods & Rating Schemes 50%
Surveillance of Programs Using Respirators (SPUR) 100%
Worker Monitoring Using Imaging Techniques 50%
Improving Hand Washing (Lead Wipes) 50%
Sector Program: Construction 95%
Control Technology Database 50%
Human Factors Design for Mine Equipment and Supplies 50%
Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis: Occupational Analysis 50%
Genetic Modulation of Worker Susceptibility to Noise-Induced Hearing Loss 50%
Oxidative mechanisms of hexavalent chromium induced dermatitis 100%
WC-Co nanoparticles in initiating angiogenesis by reactive oxygen species 50%
Page last updated:April 24, 2013
Page last reviewed:May 23, 2011
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