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NORA Construction Sector Strategic Goals

Goal 9.0: Improve the effectiveness of safety and health management programs in construction and increase their use in the industry.

Intermediate Goal 9.1: Develop a baseline to describe and understand the current use of safety and health management programs in construction

Research Goals
Research Goal Number Goal Description Status
9.1.1 Determine the extent to which construction firms and clients currently use safety and health management programs and systems in the U.S. (and to the extent possible in Canada and the European Union).
9.1.2 Characterize the extent to which safety and health management programs extend down what is the lowest working group accountability for program implementation and what are the program elements at this level? What audit systems are effective for characterizing performance? Is liability and risk management through the multi-employer management systems allocated in a way that minimizes risk by awarding contracts to parties best able to manage the associated risks?
9.1.3 Characterize the variation in current construction safety and health management program elements. What content or elements are viewed as most critical to effective OSH management systems in construction? What resources are available? Where is the accountability for the program in the organization? How do program elements vary by employment size?
9.1.4 Characterize the drivers that affect construction firms to either establish and support, or to decline to establish, safety and health programs/management systems. I.e., what are the most influential factors (e.g., presence in the owner specifications of a clause requiring written management plans for safety and health on the construction site; specific OSHA regulations concerning management responsibilities) that encourage or discourage a contractor to ensure a given level of safety? And how do these differ between programs focused on design to eliminate or reduce hazards and programs focusing on safer human behaviors?
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