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NORA Construction Sector Strategic Goals

Goal 8.0: Increase understanding of factors that comprise both positive and negative construction safety and health cultures; and, expand the availability and use of effective interventions at the policy, organizational, and individual level to maintain safe work practices 100% of the time in the construction industry.

Intermediate Goal 8.2: Develop and expand the use of validated measurement methods for evaluating safety culture and safety climate in the construction industry.

Research Goals
Research Goal Number Goal Description Status
8.2.1 Survey and inventory the existing literature to determine the available methods that measure safety culture and climate. Evaluate the existing measurement methods to determine the key conceptual elements of the existing measures, identifying similarities between methods, conceptual gaps in the existing measures, and usability of the methods within the expected contexts of use (large and small construction companies, contractors, subcontractors).
8.2.2 Develop a baseline metric against which progress can be measured through longitudinal research.
8.2.3 Develop a multi-method set of cross-validated measures of construction safety and health culture and climate, including simple “toolkit” methods contractors can use in the field to determine the impact of their company culture on safety and health.
8.2.4 Validate measurement methods that consistently identify the positive and negative aspects of construction safety and health culture.
8.2.5 Use partnerships established in RG 8.1.4 to validate and utilize existing and newly developed construction culture measurement methods.
8.2.6 Use validated measurement methods to perform research on the effects of positive and negative safety culture on safety and health outcomes in construction settings.

r2p Goals
r2p Goal Number Goal Description Status
8.2.7 Create a repository of existing and newly developed measurement methods for positive and negative safety cultures in construction.
8.2.8 Disseminate construction culture measurement methods through various workshops and other channels to construction industry associations, labor unions, and government entities.
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