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NORA Construction Sector Strategic Goals

Goal 6.0: Reduce welding fume exposures and future related health risks among construction workers by increasing the availability and use of welding fume controls and practices for welding tasks

Intermediate Goal 6.5: Evaluate hazard and exposure assessment research gaps associated with welding fume in construction

Research Goals
Research Goal Number Goal Description Status
6.5.1 Health hazard testing component - Support research to improve understanding of health effects and field exposures to welding fumes both for special contaminants of concern and for contaminant mixtures associated with the ten most common types of welding combinations.
Hazards of Manganese Exposure in Welding and Other Occupations
Manganese-Associated Parkinsonism in Welders: Feasibility
Neurotoxicity After Pulmonary Exposure to Welding Fumes Containing Manganese
6.5.2 Exposure characterization component - Inventory existing welding fume exposure characterization data to identify data gaps where additional exposure data are needed and fill these data gaps.
6.5.3 Exposure assessment component Support research to improve capability, reliability and accuracy of welding fume sampling methods on construction sites. Currently separate samples must be collected for different metals (Cr+6) and samplers are large and bulky for construction site use.
Novel Optical Systems for Real Time Monitoring of Welding Fumes

Other Projects for Goal 6.5

Project Title % Attributed to Construction
Effect of Stainless Steel Welding Fume Particulate on Lung Immunity in Mice 50%
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