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NORA Construction Sector Strategic Goals

Goal 5.0: Reduce silica exposures and future silica-related health risks among construction workers by increasing the availability and use of silica dust controls and practices for tasks associated with important exposures.

Intermediate Goal 5.2: Increase awareness about silica hazards and known solutions among construction workers, contractors, owners, and suppliers

Research Goals
Research Goal Number Goal Description Status
5.2.1 Use communication science and best practices to test and update silica awareness materials. Develop materials in multiple languages and media (including new media such as “You-Tube”) to communicate exposure risks associated with the ten most common high exposure tasks.

r2p Goals
r2p Goal Number Goal Description Status
5.2.2 Partner with professional and construction organizations to inventory those common construction tasks where exposures are already understood and where effective, inexpensive controls have already been identified. Develop worker and contractor-tested “how to” materials in multiple languages and media to facilitate implementation, and promote or standardize the use of those controls.
5.2.3 Partner with construction training entities to develop and promote the use of trade-specific awareness and training materials about silica exposures, resulting illnesses, and exposure control solutions and model practices in multiple languages and media. Such materials could range from 10 hour training elective modules to course materials and training objectives for apprentice training, vocational technology training, and site safety personnel and competent person training.
5.2.4 Partner with state organizations, professional associations, and construction stakeholders to disseminate awareness and control information into construction practice.
Preventing Silicosis in Highway Construction Through a State-based Partnership

Other Projects for Goal 5.2

Project Title % Attributed to Construction
Dust-control Usage: Strategic Technology Intervention (DUSTI) 100%
Workplace Solutions for Silica Control in Construction 100%
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