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NORA Construction Sector Strategic Goals

Goal 4.0: Reduce hearing loss among construction workers by increased use of noise reduction solutions, practices, and hearing conservation programs by the construction community

Intermediate Goal 4.3: Increase the availability and adoption of quieter tools and equipment in the construction industry via research and implementation of a “Buy Quiet” campaign.

Research Goals
Research Goal Number Goal Description Status
4.3.1 Develop a researcher/tool manufacturer partnership to improve engineering knowledge of noise reduction options and design approaches for construction power tools and equipment -- leading to an increase in the number of commercially available tools and equipment with noise reduction features.
4.3.2 Support research to develop methods to improve the measurement and understanding of impact noise in construction. Partner with field researchers and safety and health professionals to use these improved methods to further characterize impact noise in construction settings.
4.3.3 Develop, evaluate, maintain, and promote methods to collect tool and equipment manufacturing data by quiet technology characteristics to facilitate “Buy Quiet” efforts by construction tool users. Examples might include expanding the use of equipment noise labels, and the inclusion of noise requirements in project specifications.

r2p Goals
r2p Goal Number Goal Description Status
4.3.4 Analyze market barriers and opportunities and develop, evaluate, and publicize a “Buy Quiet” Construction Campaign using social marketing techniques to increase the availability, adoption and use of quieter construction tools and techniques.

Other Projects for Goal 4.3

Project Title % Attributed to Construction
Construction Workers' Exposure to Powered Hand Tool Noise 100%
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