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NORA Construction Sector Strategic Goals

Goal 13.0: Increase the use of “prevention through design (PtD)” approaches to prevent or reduce safety and health hazards in construction.

Intermediate Goal 13.4: Develop tangible products and methods to address identified CHPtD obstacles and challenges.

r2p Goals
r2p Goal Number Goal Description Status
13.4.1 Within 2 years, develop a website repository to house tangible CHPtD products and methods.
13.4.10 Within 5 years, develop CHPtD training modules for practicing design professionals that could earn them continuing education credits.
13.4.11 Within 5 years, develop 2 business case studies of owner organizations who have implemented CHPtD.
13.4.2 Within 2 years, develop a targeted white paper for engineering and architectural professionals, educators, and owners that defines and describes the PtD process.
13.4.3 Within 2 years, develop presentation materials tailored for engineering and architectural designers, educators, and owners for use at professional conferences, such as ASCE, ASSE, AIA, CII, CURT, AOD, DOT, National Safety Congress, etc.
13.4.4 Within 2 years, develop model contracts and general conditions text to allow designers to perform CHPtD without shifting responsibility for means, methods and site safety from contractors.
13.4.5 Within 3 years, develop and provide associations such as ASCE, AIA, ASME, IEEE and ASSE with model language they can use for policy statements that support implementation of CHPtD.
13.4.6 Within 3 years, develop a customized CHPtD “OSHA 10-hour” course for design professionals and educators.
13.4.7 Within 5 years, develop tools such as educational documents, checklists, databases and interactive software to enable designers to perform CHPtD.
A Decision Support System (DSS) for Ergonomic Construction Design
13.4.8 Within 5 years, develop three general and discipline-specific case studies of design professionals or design builders implementing CHPtD, emphasizing the business case for CHPtD.
13.4.9 Within 5 years, develop modules for engineering and architectural courses that include specific CHPtD applications.
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