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NORA Construction Sector Strategic Goals

Goal 12.0: Reduce injury and illness among groups of construction workers through improved understanding of why groups of workers experience disproportionate risks in construction work and expanding the availability and use of effective interventions.

Intermediate Goal 12.1: Improve surveillance of work-related injuries, illnesses, hazards and related costs among workers at disproportionate risk of injury in construction in order to set intervention priorities, guide future research, and evaluate progress in reaching prevention goals.

Research Goals
Research Goal Number Goal Description Status
12.1.1 Review current occupational illnesses and injury data surveillance datasets and standard reports (e.g. CFOI, SOII, IMIS) to identify and recommend modifications to improve surveillance of at-risk construction workers and identify gaps to be addressed through new surveillance initiatives.
Safety and Health Disparities among Construction Workers
12.1.2 Explore and implement use of other existing state and national surveillance systems (e.g. BRFSS, NHANES/MEPS, others) and databases to address gaps in information about occupational injuries, illnesses and risks factor among at-risk workers in construction. This should include exploration of construction-targeted government surveys similar to the National Agricultural Workers Survey.
12.1.3 Strengthen capacity of states and community-based organizations to track work-related injuries and illnesses among construction workers who are at disproportionate risk, using innovative approaches to data collection such as through community clinics and other organizations serving at-risk worker populations employed in construction.
12.1.4 Support efforts to improve collection of improved race, country of origin, gender, age, and detailed ethnicity information in health and employment data sets.
12.1.5 Expand surveillance research to explore systematic underreporting of at-risk construction workers in existing occupational health surveillance systems.

Other Projects for Goal 12.1

Project Title % Attributed to Construction
Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Project - TA 50%
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