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NORA Construction Sector Strategic Goals

Goal 11.0: Develop and build recognition and awareness of construction hazards and the means for controlling them by strengthening and extending the reach of quality training and education in the construction industry, including for non-English speaking workers.

Intermediate Goal 11.1: Perform a construction safety and health training needs analysis.

Research Goals
Research Goal Number Goal Description Status
11.1.1 Compile resources from 1) peer-reviewed literature on construction safety and health training; 2) training needs assessment approaches; 3) existing construction certifications; and 4) approaches for developing core competencies. Use resulting information to develop one or more construction-tailored approaches for developing core competencies.
11.1.2 Partner with various construction groups, construction safety and health experts, training providers, and training needs assessment experts to develop core competencies for the construction groups below. This activity may include reviewing existing materials (e.g. NIEHS minimum requirements for worker training) or developing new materials where gaps exist. It will answer the basic question: What safety, health, or construction knowledge and skills are needed for this occupational group to be effective?
11.1.3 Harmonize training needs analyses to include intermediate and supporting goals from other NORA Construction Sector Council workgroups. Communicate with other NORA Construction Sector workgroups to identify, assess, and coordinate training needs and solutions as they relate to those workgroups’ goals.
11.1.4 Identify methods of analysis and measures for effectiveness evaluation of training. Identify and address training effectiveness gaps of special relevance for construction.
11.1.5 Evaluate the role played by certification in construction. Does it improve safety performance? Are there other tasks where certification would be appropriate?

r2p Goals
r2p Goal Number Goal Description Status
11.1.6 Partner with groups involved in 11.1.2 to develop and disseminate white papers that describe core safety and health competencies for each occupational group as they are evaluated.
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