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NORA Construction Sector Strategic Goals

Goal 1.0: Reduce Construction Worker fatalities and serious injuries caused by falls to a lower level

Intermediate Goal 1.3: Partner with Construction stakeholders to provide the industry with the information and tools to reduce portable ladder fall injuries.

Research Goals
Research Goal Number Goal Description Status
1.3.1 Inventory existing research, regulations, guidance, and practitioner materials on ladders and identify and fill key gaps and needs.
Effectiveness of Extension-Ladder Safety Innovations
1.3.3 Use communication science and best practices to develop model materials on ladder fall awareness; comprehensive ladder approaches (per 1.3.2), and business case/ worker case issues in multiple languages and media.

r2p Goals
r2p Goal Number Goal Description Status
1.3.2 Use a systems safety and human factors approach5 to develop, pilot, and disseminate a comprehensive framework and holistic approach for addressing ladder hazards. The approach might include features such as:
  • Use of pre-job design interventions and construction sequencing to minimize overreliance on portable ladders.
  • Increased consideration of alternative access methods (e.g. aerial lifts, podium steps) during pre-job planning to minimize overreliance on portable ladders.
  • Increased use of portable ladders with enhanced safety features such as built-in leg extenders, inclination indicators, or ladder stability devices.
  • Increased use of pre-job checklists to evaluate the suitability of ladder use for certain work tasks (e.g. long duration tasks performed on the ladder) along with proper ladder set up.
  • Increased use of innovative ladder-specific training materials
  • Increased understanding of errors associated with ladder use related to fatigue, task distraction, short cuts, and lapses.
1.3.4 Partner with equipment manufacturers, insurance companies, professional associations, and construction stakeholders to disseminate materials widely.
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