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Social Marketing

A social marketing approach in male occupational reproductive hazards communication Working Partnerships: Applying Research to Practice, NORA Symposium 2003, Washington, DC: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 2003 Jun; :42-43

Identifying feed and seed stores as a site to promote skin cancer control: a social marketing approach to agricultural health communication
J Agric Saf Health 1998 May; 4(Special Issue 1):149-158

A case study in applied social marketing: developing an occupational safety and health product
Soc Mark Q 2008 Dec; 14(4):89-98

Use of health communication and social marketing principles in planning occupational safety and health interventions
Soc Mark Q 2008 Dec; 14(4):45-70

Partnering and consumer orientation: techniques that move occupational safety and health research into practice
Soc Mark Q 2008 Dec; 14(4):99-104

Use of occupational ethnography and social marketing strategies to develop a safety awareness campaign for coal miners
Soc Mark Q 2008 Dec; 14(4):2-21

NIOSH protecting workers in agriculture – preventing tractor overturn injuries: the New York ROPS retrofit social marketing intervention
NIOSH 2008 Jul; 1-2

Story Telling

Tell me a story: using stories to improve occupational safety training
Prof Saf 2008 Jul; 53(7):20-27


Strategy for improving dissemination of occupational safety and health information
ICOH 2002 Oct; 286-287

Information dissemination and use: critical components in occupational safety and health
Am J Ind Med 2003 Nov; 44(5):515-531

Research and Dissemination Needs for Ergonomics in Agriculture
Public Health Reports 2002 Sept; (117):440 – 445

Communication Interventions

Planning a multilevel intervention to prevent hearing loss among farmworkers and managers: a systematic approach
Fernandez-ME; Bartholomew-LK; Alterman-T Maria E. Fernandez, Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Research, 7000 Fannin, Suite 2558, Houston, TX 77030

NIOSH control technology and intervention efforts for small businesses
Am J Ind Med 1999 Sep; 36(S1):93-95

Community Partners

Coalitions: partnerships to promote agricultural health and safety
J Agric Saf Health 2002 May; 8(2):161-174

Individual, Organizational, and Industry Change

Effects of a preventive message in the organizational context: occupational latex allergy in hospitals
Am J Ind Med 1999 Sep; 36(S1):125-127

A National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Alert sent to hospitals and the intentions of hospital decision makers to advocate for latex allergy control measures
Health Educ Res 2000 Aug; 15(4):463-467

Communication channels and noise-induced hearing loss in the agriculture industry
Future of Rural Peoples: Rural Economy, Healthy People, Environment, Rural Communities, Fifth International Symposium.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada: IAREH. Institute of Agricultural Rural and Environmental Health, 2003 Oct; :W14-W15

Worker training for new threats: a proposed framework
Am J Ind Med 1999 Sep; 36(S1):125-127

When workplace safety depends on behavior change: topics for behavioral safety research
J Saf Res 2008 Nov; 39(6):589-598

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