Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing


About the Office of Agriculture Safety and Health
NIOSH established the Office of Agriculture Safety and Health (OASH) within the Office of the Director in January 2011. Workers in the agriculture, forestry and fishing (AgFF) sector experience the highest work-related fatality rate in the US. OASH provides leadership to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses among these workers. OASH sets strategic directions for, supports, and monitors and reports progress on AgFF safety and health research and public health practice activities, both intramural and extramural. OASH also bridges internal and external activities by facilitating research integration, partnership development, and research to practice.

Program Manager

Jennifer M. Lincoln, PhD, CSP
CAPT (retired), US Public Health Service
Associate Director, NIOSH Office of Agriculture Safety and Health
1090 Tesculum Ave., Mailstop R-12
Cincinnati, OH 45226
(513) 841-4211

Page last reviewed: May 13, 2020