Worker Health Study Summaries – Chronological Order

NOTICE: Many of these are NIOSH Archive Documents, and may not represent current NIOSH Policy.

NIOSH Archive Documents
Year Exposure Additional
1990 Methylene Chloride (Furniture Strippers)
1990 Toluidine (Tire and Rubber Company)
1991 Acid Mist (Steel Workers)
1991 Cadmium (Cadmium Recovery Workers)
1991 Carbon monoxide (Toll Collectors and Tunnel Officers)
1991 Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s) (Electrical Capacitor Manufacturing Workers)
1991 Radiofrequency Heat Sealer Operators (Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Energy)
1991 Silica (Gold Miners)
1992 Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-Dioxin (1) [TCDD (Dioxin) Manufacturers (twelve Plants)]
1992 fluorocarbon FC 113 (Freon® 113) (Aerospace workers)
1992 Lead (Lead Smelters)
1993 Wood Dust (Wood Model Makers)
1995 Beryllium (Beryllium Processors)
1995 Talc (Talc Miners and Millers)
1996 Butadiene (1,3 Butadiene Production Workers)
1996 diaminostibene-2,2′-disulfic acid (DAS) (Stilbene Manufacturers)
1996 Chlorinated Napthalenes (Navy Cable Manufacturers)
1996 Dinitrotoluene and Formaldehyde (Munitions Workers)
1996 Organic Solvents (Dry Cleaners)
1996 Organic Solvents (Perchloroethylene) (Dry Cleaners)
1996 Toluene (Shoe Manufacturers)
1997 Antimony (Antimony Smelters) en español
1997 Electromagnetic fields (Video Display Terminal Operators)
1997 Formaldehyde (1) (Embalming Students)
1997 Lead (California’s Lead-Exposed Construction Workers – Children of; Take-home Exposure)
1997 Organophosphate Pesticides (Pesticide Applicators)
1998 Asbestos (Asbestos Textile, Friction, and Packing Plant Workers)
1999 Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-Dioxin (2) [TCDD (Dioxin) Manufacturers (two plants NJ, MO)]
2000 Beta-napthylamine (Synthetic Dye Manufacturers)
2000 Uranium (Uranium Miners)
2001 Carbon Disulfide (Tire and Rubber Company(1))
2001 Insecticides (Chloropyrifos) (Termite Applicators)
2001 Lead (1) (Lead Immunologic Findings)
2001 Methyl Bromide/Sulfuryl Fluoride (Structural Fumigators)
2002 Silica (Industrial Sand Workers)
2004 Ethylene Oxide (Sterilization of Medical Instruments and Treatment of Spices)
2004 Formaldehyde (Garment Workers)
2006 Polychlorinated biphenyls (Electrical Capacitors)
2006 Uranium (Uranium Millers)
2007 Radiation (Nuclear Workers at the Savannah River Site)
2008 Chemical exposures (chemical laboratory workers at nuclear facilities)
2008 Radiation (Occupational Energy Research Program)pdf icon
2008 Radiation (Nuclear Workers at five DOE sites)
2008 Radon (Nuclear Workers)
2009 Radiation (Nuclear Workers at the K-25 plant in Oak Ridge)pdf icon
2010 Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) (Electrical Capacitor Manufacturing Workers – Women)pdf icon
2010 Radiation (Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant)pdf icon
2011 Beryllium (Beryllium Processors)pdf icon Fact Sheetpdf icon | Posterpdf icon
2011 Pentachlorophenol [PCP] (Production Workers – Wood Preservative)pdf icon
2012 Asbestos/Vermiculite(Construction Renovation/Insulation) pdf icon
2012 Radiation and shift work (Flight Attendants)pdf icon
2013 Radiation (Nuclear Workers at the Fernald Feed Materials Production Center)pdf icon
2014 Diesel Exhaust (Fact Sheet)pdf icon
2015 Radiation (International Pooled Study)pdf icon
2015 Toluidine/Carbon Disulfide/Vinyl Chloride (Rubber and Plastics Chemical Manufacturing)pdf icon Overviewpdf icon | FAQspdf icon
2016 Chlorinated hydrocarbons/metals/other hydrocarbons (Microelectronics and business machine manufacturers) (Birth Defects Study)pdf icon
2016 Findings from a Study of Cancer among U.S. Fire Fighters (Fire Fighter Cancer Study)pdf icon
2016 Radiation (Solid Cancer)pdf icon
2016 Radiation (U.S. Pooled Study)pdf icon
2017 Radiation (A Study of Breat Cancer in Female Flight Attendants)pdf icon Overviewpdf icon | FAQspdf icon
2018 Radiation and Shiftwork (Flight Attendants)


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