Diversity in NIOSH

The NIOSH Vision for Diversity

Diversity LogoDiversity acknowledges, appreciates, and respects the many differences we recognize in each other. Cultural, racial, and ethnic differences are well understood examples of diversity, as are language, age, and gender. Less apparent examples are educational background, job experience, sexual orientation and economic roots. The NIOSH vision for diversity is to enhance the organization’s ability to attract, recruit, hire, mentor, develop, retain, and serve a diverse population by fostering an inclusive environment that embraces, values and respects all individuals. By increasing diversity in its workforce, and by recognizing and using those various skills, NIOSH will better pursue and accomplish its mission of “Delivering on the Nation’s promise: safety and health at work for all people through research and prevention.” NIOSH is committed to a workplace where all people are respected as individuals and are valued for their contributions to accomplishing its mission. We will foster an inclusive, supportive, open, challenging, and innovative work environment to enable employees to be positive, creative, and reach their full potential.

Page last reviewed: July 29, 2013