Diversity in NIOSH



Diversity LogoThe NIOSH Diversity Strategies Policy represents the collaborative work of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (CDC/NIOSH) management, employees, and its bargaining unit representatives. The Policy sets forth NIOSH’s mission, vision, four high-level goals, and key strategies or objectives to be undertaken by the Institute to enhance its diversity. These strategies are designed to be implemented under the direction of NIOSH’s leadership, with the assistance of the NIOSH Diversity Steering Council, the employees of NIOSH, and the NIOSH bargaining unit representatives.


Goal 1: Promote a better understanding and valuing of diversity.

NIOSH is committed to recognizing and valuing the diversity of its employees and stakeholders and to creating an inclusive environment that encourages contribution of ideas and opinions and that respects and utilizes individual skills, uniqueness and differences.

Goal 2: Enhance personal commitment and accountability for diversity.

NIOSH leadership is committed to and accountable for providing direction, guidance, and support for the diversity efforts. Each NIOSH employee takes responsibility, ownership and accountability for active participation in the implementation of the diversity strategies.

Goal 3: Improve the recruitment, employment, and retention of diverse populations.

NIOSH is committed to effective outreach and recruitment of diverse populations in pursuit of a more effective workforce.

Goal 4: Establish a NIOSH mentoring program.

NIOSH is committed to the development and implementation of innovative, retention-based career management strategies, including mentoring and coaching programs. Increasing diversity, building the capacity of individuals to effectively lead in a diverse organization, and maintaining organizational competency are critical to the vitality and health of NIOSH.

Page last reviewed: July 29, 2013