Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site

Arial view of the facility

In 1952, the Rocky Flats Plant began operating to manufacture parts needed for nuclear weapon production. The plant was located near Denver, Colorado. The plant operated until 1994, when it was shut down permanently for environmental and safety concerns. Since then, the site has been remediated, and most of the land is now a wildlife refuge.1

Fact sheets

Nuclear workers from the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site have been included in many NIOSH studies. Below are fact sheets that summarize some of the study findings for workers.

Epidemiological evaluation of cancer and occupational exposures at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site (April 2003)pdf icon

Lung fibrosis in plutonium workers (November 2002)pdf icon

Publications from NIOSH studies done at Rocky Flats

Evaluation of data for DOE site remediation workers. (2000) Final Report) 47 pgs.pdf icon

Publications from grant-funded studies done at Rocky Flats

Newman LS, Mroz MM, Ruttenber AJ [2005] Lung fibrosis in plutonium workers. RADIAT RES 164 (2): 123-131 AUG 2005

Lung cancer and internal lung doses among plutonium workers at the Rocky Flats Plant: A case-control study. (2004)external icon

Report of epidemiologic analyses performed for Rocky Flats production workers employed between 1952-1989. (2003) Final Report; 47 pgs.pdf iconexternal icon

Beryllium disease natural history and exposure-response. (2002)

Lung fibrosis in plutonium workers. (2002) Revised Final Report; 19 pgs.pdf icon

Wilkinson GS, Tietjen GL, Wiggs LD, Galke WA, Acquavella JF, Reyes M, Voelz GL, Maxweiler RJ [1987]. Mortality among plutonium and other radiation workers at a plutonium weapons facility. Am J Epidemiol 125(2): 231-250.

Gilbert ES, Cragle DL, Wiggs LD [1993]. Update analyses of combined mortality data on workers at the Hanford Site, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant. Radiation Res 136:408-421.

Related websites

Rocky Flats Site: Office of Legacy Managementexternal icon

Medical screening programs available to workers

Building Trades National Medical Screening Programexternal icon
To learn more, call 1-800-866-9663


1. DOE (U.S. Department of Energy) Rocky Flats Site Fact Sheet. (2009)pdf iconexternal icon

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