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Occupational Energy Research Program

NOTE: This page is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated.


Other NIOSH studies related to radiation exposure

B cells behaving badly. (2007)

Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia: an overview of aetiology in light of recent developments in classification and pathogenesis. (2007)

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia radiogenicity: a systematic review. (2007)

Report of public meeting to seek input on gaps in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) Radiogenicity Research Held July 21, 2004. (2005) NIOSH Publication No. 2006-100

Other grant-funded studies related to radiation exposure

Dose of beryllium causing beryllium sensitization and disease. (2005) Final Report; 20 pgs.

Newman LS, Mroz MM, Balkissoon R, et al. (2005) Beryllium sensitization progresses to chronic beryllium disease - A longitudinal study of disease risk A J R C C 171 (1): 54-60

Rosenman K, Hertzberg V, Rice C, Reilly MJ, Aronchick J, Parker JE, Regovich J, Rossman M [2005]. Chronic beryllium disease and sensitization at a beryllium processing facility. Environ Health Perspect, 113(10):1366-72.

Correcting for measurement errors in radiation exposure. (Undated) Final Report 16 pgs. Summary Report.
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Estimating the dose response relationship for occupational radiation exposure measured with minimum detection level. (2004)
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Infante PF, Newman LS. Beryllium exposure and chronic beryllium disease (2004). Lancet. Feb 7;363(9407):415-6.

A method for estimating occupational radiation doses subject to minimum detection levels. (2003)
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Reconstruction of doses for Chernobyl liquidators (2003) Final Report; 53 pgs.

Beryllium disease natural history and exposure-response. (2002) Final Report; 17 pgs.

Predictors of chronic beryllium disease and sensitization. (2002)

Studies of cancer risk among Chernobyl liquidators: Materials and methods. (2002)
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Acute radiation syndrome in Russian nuclear workers. (2001) Final Report; 59 pgs.
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Kelleher PC, Martyny JW, Mroz MM, Maier LA, Ruttenber AJ, Young DA, Newman LS (2001). Beryllium particulate exposure and disease relations in a beryllium machining plant. J Occup Environ Med, 43(3):238-49.

Lundgren RA, Maier LA, Rose CS, Balkissoon RC, Newman LS (2001). Indirect and direct gas exchange at maximum exercise in beryllium sensitization and disease. Chest. 2001 Nov;120(5):1702-8. Erratum in: Chest 2002 Mar;121(3):1009.

Newman-LS; Mroz-MM; Maier-LA; Daniloff-EM; Balkissoon-R (2001) Efficacy of serial medical surveillance for chronic beryllium disease in a beryllium machining plant. J Occup Environ Med 2001 Mar; 43(3):231-237

Use of historical uranium air sampling data to estimate worker exposure potential to airborne radioactive particulate in a uranium processing facility. (2001)

Martyny JW, Hoover MD, Mroz MM, Ellis K, Maier LA, Sheff KL, Newman LS (2000). Aerosols generated during beryllium machining. J Occup Environ Med, 42(1):8-18.

Specificity of the National Death Index and the Social Security Administration Death Master File when information on social security number is lacking. (2000)

Tan-Wilhelm D, Witte K, Liu WY, Newman LS, Janssen A, Ellison C, Yancey A, Sanderson W, Henneberger PK (2000). Impact of a worker notification program: assessment of attitudinal and behavioral outcomes. Am J Ind Med. 2000 Feb;37(2):205-13.

Sanderson WT, Henneberger PK, Martyny J, Ellis K, Mroz MM, Newman LS (1999). Beryllium contamination inside vehicles of machine shop workers. Appl Occup Environ Hyg, 14(4):223-30.

Study of occupational magnetic-field personal exposures associated with Seattle metro transit's electric trolley system. (1999) Report; 78 pg.
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Study of occupational magnetic-field personal exposures of non-flying airline employees. (1999) Final Report; 61 pg.
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Glycophorin A (GPA) biodosimetry in I-131 treated patients. (1998) Final Report, 52 pg.
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Adverse reproductive outcomes among females employed at Department of Energy facilities: The feasibility of epidemiologic studies. (1996) Final Report; 18pgs
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