Oak Ridge Facilities (K-25, Y-12, X-10)

In 1943, the Oak Ridge facilities were constructed near Knoxville, Tennessee. As was the purpose of the majority of nuclear facilities during this time, Oak Ridge was tasked with developing an atomic bomb. Three facilities were built:

• K-25, also referred to as the Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant, enriched uranium. Today, it is the Eastern Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP).

• Y-12 separated uranium using an electromagnetic process.

• X-10, also referred to as Oak Ridge National Laboratory, converted uranium into plutonium.

Composite of three photographs from the facility

Fact sheets

Nuclear workers from the Oak Ridge facilities have been included in many NIOSH studies. Below are fact sheets that summarize some of the study findings for workers.

Multiple myeloma: A study of K-25 workers (ETTP) (2009)pdf icon

A cohort mortality study of chemical laboratory workers in Department of Energy nuclear plants (2008)

Multi-site leukemia worker notification presented at worker briefing September 2008 (March 2008)

Publications from NIOSH studies done at Oak Ridge

A nested case-control study of multiple myeloma risk and uranium exposure among workers at the oak ridge gaseous diffusion plant. (2009)

A cohort mortality study of chemical laboratory workers at Department of Energy Nuclear Plants. (2008)

Characterization of internal exposure to enriched uranium at a former gaseous diffusion plant. (2007).

Estimating active bone marrow dose from occupational exposure to uranium at a former gaseous diffusion plant. (2007).

Task- and time-dependent weighting factors in a retrospective exposure assessment of chemical laboratory workers. (2007)

Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and radiation: findings among workers at five US nuclear facilities and a review of the recent literature (2007)

Risk of chronic myeloid and acute leukemia mortality following exposure to ionizing radiation among workers at four U.S. nuclear weapons facilities and a nuclear naval shipyard. (2007)pdf icon

Bone marrow dose estimates from work-related medical x-ray examinations given between 1943 and 1966 for personnel from five U.S. nuclear facilities. (2006)

Assessment of plutonium exposures for an epidemiological study of US nuclear workers. (2005)

Bias and uncertainty of penetrating photon dose measured by film dosimeters in an epidemiologic study of US nuclear workers. (2005)

Risk of cancer after low doses of ionising radiation: retrospective cohort study in 15 countries. (2005)

Leukemia mortality among radiation-exposed workers. (2001

Epidemiologic evaluation of childhood leukemia and paternal exposure to ionizing radiation (2001) Final Report.pdf icon

Evaluation of data for DOE site remediation workers. (2001) Final Report.pdf icon

A case control study of multiple myeloma at four nuclear facilities (2000) PDF version of report: pages 1-50pdf icon (6566KB); pages 51-100pdf icon (3416KB); pages 101-150pdf icon (5744KB); pages 151-202pdf icon (4283KB).

Study of mortality among female nuclear weapons workers. (2000) Final Report, 447 pg. pdf icon

The health effects of downsizing in the nuclear industry: findings at the Y-12 Plant, Oak Ridge Reservation. (2000) Final Report; 146 pgpdf icon

A study of the health effects of exposure to elemental mercury: a followup of mercury exposed workers at the Y-12 plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. pdf icon[Undated] Final Technical Report; 132 pg.

Dose estimation from daily and weekly dosimetry data. (1998) 38 pg. pdf icon

Methods for investigating age differences in the effects of prolonged exposures. (1998)

Publications from grant-funded studies done at Oak Ridge facilities

Collection, validation, and treatment of data for mortality study of nuclear industry workers. (1997)

Frome EL, Cragle DL, Watkins JP, Wing S, Shy CM, Tankersley WG, West CM (1997)]. A mortality study of employees of the nuclear industry in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Radiation Res 148:64-80.

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Site-specific studies conducted at Oak Ridge include:

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