Expanding Research Partnerships Webinar Series, June 2022

Featured Topics
Presentation Date: June 8, 2022

Exploring the Use of Innovative Technologies to Address Racial/Ethnic Occupational Health Disparities & Inequities
Robert Bourgeois, American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Rashaun Roberts, Ph.D., Associate Director for Diversity & Inclusion, NIOSH
This presentation will provide an overview of the current and projected racial/ethnic composition of the U.S. labor force and associated patterns of employment. It will describe racial/ethnic disparities and inequities in occupational injury and illness, and discuss the role that innovative technologies may potentially play in understanding, preventing and reducing them. The presentation will also discuss some of the risks and challenges associated with using technologies in advancing health equity, and how partnerships might address some of these challenges.

Technology in the Hospitality Industry and the Impact on Workers
 Chris Cunningham, Society for Occupational Health Psychology

Eric Clinton, UNITE HERE! Local 362

The hospitality industry is on a fast-track to implement technological changes in the workplace. This presentation will review the development and use of new technologies in this sector and discuss their impact on the well-being of the workforce. The presentation will also address strategies employers can implement to  mitigate the some of the adverse effects of these technologies.

The Use of Technology to Improve the Health and Safety of Vulnerable Workers
Joel Haight, American Society of Safety Professionals

Maria Espinola, Psy.D., Institute for Health Equity and Innovation

This presentation will discuss the positive impact that technological advances can have on the safety and health of vulnerable workers. This session will focus on workers whose vulnerability to injury or illness is higher due to both hazardous working conditions and exposure to inequities related to poverty, race, ethnicity, immigration status, and/or lack of English fluency. This presentation will include illustrative examples of the use of technology and evidence-based strategies to reduce inequities.

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