Expanding Research Partnerships Webinar Series, June 2021

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Presentation Date: June 9, 2021

Pandemic challenges in the oil and gas industry and long-term key learnings
gary childress

Gary Childress, Oil States Energy Services
The oil and gas industry was challenged by the pandemic during a period of demand reduction in the industry.  As oil and gas workers were classified as essential, routine activities such as global travel, worker housing, concentrated workplaces, remote work locations, personal protection, and local worker transport became difficult and uncertain due to the ever-evolving global crisis.  While challenging, the industry responded, learning future lessons for our employees, families, and companies.

Future industrial worker health and safety challenges
barbara dawson

Barbara Dawson, MS, CIH, FAIHA, CSP — DuPont
DuPont has had a strong safety culture throughout its history and health and safety is a company core value.  Anticipating the future needs of our workers from a health and safety perspective in a post-COVID-19 world presents challenges including changing the concept of where and when work is done as more people continue to work from home, accommodating aging workers and developing a more diverse workforce.  Focus areas will include not only traditional industrial hygiene and safety programs but more emphasis will be placed on worker physical and mental well-being and improving the ergonomics of work.

Leading people safely in the post COVID-19 era
brian fielkow

Brian Fielkow, CEO, Jetco Delivery, LLC & EVP, The GTI Group

Brian Fielkow will share permanent lessons learned as he led his trucking and logistics company though the COVID-19 era.  The presentation will focus on how the COVID crisis has made his organization safer and more resilient.  He also will discuss how crisis can lead to abundant opportunity.

COVID-19 — Impact and future of agriculture operations
paul riley

Paul Riley, MS — Agriculture Safety and Health Council of America
In this presentation you will learn from the safety, health, and environmental director of AgReserves, Inc. about how COVID-19 impacted a large scale multi-national agriculture company and how they coped.  In addition, Mr. Riley will share his thoughts on what the future of safety & health and worker protection will look like as we continue to navigate the ongoing spread of COVID-19 and its variants.

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