Expanding Research Partnerships Webinar Series, March 2020

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Featured Topics
Presentation Date: March 11, 2020

Future of Work: Risks and Opportunities
John Howard

John Howard, MD – NIOSH
The future of work is not predetermined, and future outcomes can be influenced by our choices in the present. Engaging in strategic thinking can move us from being reactive to being proactive about the—design of job arrangements made possible by digital platforms; the types of work that are performed using new technologies such as robotics, AI and advanced manufacturing, and the challenges to workforce health, safety and well-being that the future of work brings.

Mapping the Future of Work for the Safety and Health of Workers
Paul A. Schulte, PhD

Paul A. Schulte, PhD – NIOSH
The future of work is anticipated to change in many ways compared with the present.  Many factors will change work, chief among them are technology, globalization, demographics, climate, political, economic, and social factors. There are no data on the future except for the ‘anticipatory’ literature. We systematically reviewed that literature and identified various scenarios and hazards of work in the future and guidance to help shape it.  This webinar will describe that review and provide some of the findings.  Clearly from examination of the literature is the need to take a holistic view of factors that will influence future work scenarios and the hazards that might arise. Critical in the future of work will be psychosocial hazards, an aging work force, and unanticipated technological advancement. The future of work will be a mosaic of old, current, and new jobs and hazards.  The challenge will be to determine what can be done to further describe the future and shape it today.

Horizon Scanning for Identifying Emerging Issues
Andy Hines

Andy Hines, PhD – University of Houston
This presentation will describe a framework developed for identifying emerging issues by using horizon scanning. It will reference an ongoing project that set up a horizon scanning system for the US Forest Service for the explicit purpose of identifying emerging issues.

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