2018 Expanding Research Partnerships Series

Health and Safety in Construction: November 14, 2018
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On Wednesday, November 14, the final installment of the 2018 Expanding Research Partnerships Webinar Series featured these exciting topics on health and safety in construction.

Utilizing Partnerships to Prevent Workplace Musculoskeletal Disorders in Construction Workers Across Age Groups
Presenter: Juliann Scholl, PhD, Social Science Researcher, NIOSH

Leadership Skills for Strengthening Job Safety Climate
Presenter: Linda Goldenhar, PhD, Director of Research and Evaluation, CPWR – The Center for Construction Research and Training

Featured Speakers

Presentation Date: November 14, 2018


Juliann Scholl, PhD – NIOSH
Dr. Scholl is a Social Science Researcher at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Dr. Scholl is Co-director of the NIOSH National Center for Productive Aging and Work (NCPAW). She explores how occupational safety and health research findings can best be turned into guidance and delivered through a variety of channels to NIOSH stakeholders for application to the work environment. In addition to co-directing NCPAW, Dr. Scholl conducts translation research with emphasis on the reduction of musculoskeletal disorders among construction workers of different age groups. She also examines workplace intergenerational tensions and does survey research in assessing stakeholder satisfaction and impact. Dr. Scholl has expertise in cultural communication, qualitative methods, and health issues among Hispanics and older adults. Prior to NIOSH, she was a tenured professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Texas Tech University. Dr. Scholl received her Ph.D. in Communication from University of Oklahoma and her Masters in Communication Studies from University of Alabama.



Linda Goldenhar, PhD – CPWR – The Center for Construction Research and Training
Dr. Goldenhar is Director of Research and Evaluation at CPWR—The Center for Construction Research and Trainingexternal icon. CPWR is the NIOSH-funded National Center for Construction Safety and Health Research and TranslationDr. Goldenhar has been with CPWR for the past six years. She directs the project that created the Foundations for Safety Leadership – a leadership-training module for frontline foremen and supervisors in construction. She is also the lead on CPWR’s safety climate initiatives, which include creating the Workbook and Rating Tool to Help you Strengthen Jobsite Safety Climate and the Safety Climate Assessment Tool (S-CAT)external icon. Dr. Goldenhar received her PhD in Public Health at University of Michigan and began her professional career as a Research Psychologist with NIOSH, where she worked for nine years. While at NIOSH, she focused on construction-related topics such as tradeswomen’s safety and health concerns, employee perceptions on working overtime, job stress and injury outcomes. She served as construction coordinator and was a member of the National Academies’ review of the NIOSH Construction Sector Program. Dr. Goldenhar has published 70 peer-reviewed publications, articles in trade magazines, book chapters and manuals. She also has presented extensively at national and international academic and construction conferences.

New Technologies to Reduce Exposure to Health and Safety Hazards: May 16, 2018
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On Wednesday, May 16, the second installment of the Expanding Research Partnerships Webinar Series featured these exciting topics on new technologies to reduce exposure to health and safety hazards.

NIOSH’s VEM System – Helmet-CAM: An Innovative Tool for Assessing Workers’ Exposure to Respirable Dust and Other Contaminants
Presenter: Andrew Cecala, MBA, Principal Supervisory Mining Engineer, NIOSH

Reducing Logging Fatality and Non-Fatal Trauma Incidence Rates with New Real-Time Operational GNSS-RF Communications, Recommended Safety Procedures, and Education
Presenter: Robert Keefe, PhD, Director, University of Idaho Experimental Forest

Featured Speakers
Portrait of Andrew Cecala

Andrew Cecala, MBA – NIOSH
Andrew Cecala is a Principal Supervisory Mining Engineer with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). He has been with NIOSH for 22 years in the Office of Mine Safety and Health Research. In 2015, he became the team leader of the Aerosol and Toxic Substances Team within the Dust, Ventilation, and Toxic Substances Branch. He now serves as the first line supervisor of ten different researchers. Prior to NIOSH, he worked with the U.S. Bureau of Mines for 16 years. Andrew received his Masters of Business Administration from Duquesne University and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mining Engineering from West Virginia University. He authored more than 150 publications and is the primary author of 106 of those manuscripts. During his career, he worked in many different research areas to improve the health and safety of miners. One research area of interest is reducing workers’ respirable dust exposures in the metal/nonmetal mining industry with special emphasis in the industrial minerals processing area.

portrait of Robert Keefe

Robert Keefe, PhD – University of Idaho

Dr. Keefe is Associate Professor of Forest Operations at the University of Idaho and the Director of the 10,000-acre University of Idaho Experimental Forest. He received his Ph.D. and Masters in Forestry from the University of Idaho and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from University of New Hampshire. The Experimental Forest, which Dr. Keefe oversees, is a working forest classroom with forestry activities carried out both by professional and student workers. This makes it a unique environment for teaching and research in natural resources. Dr. Keefe’s lab group works closely with regional, state, industrial and federal forestry stakeholders. His work relies on a variety of methods. However, he places emphasis on quantifying work activities on logging operations through use of mobile and wearable technologies that are equipped with location sharing. These technologies quantify and improve safety by increasing situational awareness among coworkers. This has unique challenges in remote, forest work environments where communication and sharing of mobile data are often limited. NIOSH funds Dr. Keefe through a cooperative agreement (U01) to conduct research on reducing logging fatalities and non-fatal trauma incidence rates with new real-time operational Global Positioning System (GPS) communications.

Work and Health-Related Factors Associated with Injury and Illness Outcomes: February 14, 2018
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On Wednesday, February 14, the kick-off of the Expanding Research Partnerships Webinar Series featured these exciting topics about work and health-related factors associated with injury and illness outcomes.

Work Arrangement, Job Stress, and Health-Related Quality of Life
Presenter: Tapas Ray, PhD, Economist, NIOSH

Health-related Predictors of Workers’ Compensation Claims
Presenter: Erin Shore, MPH, Professional Research Associate, Colorado School of Public Health

Featured Speakers:
Ray Tapas

Tapas Ray, PhD – NIOSH
Dr. Ray is as an economist with National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Currently, he serves as the assistant coordinator for the NIOSH Healthy Work Design and Well-Being Program. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from University of Connecticut and his Masters from Delhi School of Economics. Prior to joining CDC/NIOSH in 2004 as a Prevention Effectiveness Fellow, he taught at the University of Connecticut, worked in India as a social researcher, and at the Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis as a research economist.  His current interests are economics of work stress, non-standard and precarious employment arrangement, and contribution of work towards health-related quality of life (HRQL) and well-being. His scholarly work includes numerous articles, presentations, workshops, and symposia in both environmental and public health economics. Dr. Ray also teaches economics at the Miami University, Oxford.

Erin Shore

Erin Shore, MPH – Colorado School of Public Health
Erin Shore is a Professional Research Assistant for the Center for Health, Work & Environmentexternal icon at the Colorado School of Public Health—one of six NIOSH-funded Centers of Excellence for Total Worker Health®. She conducts research for projects, including program evaluation and occupational health and safety. Erin earned her MPH with a concentration in Epidemiology from Emory University. She also has a BS in Health and Exercise Science from the University of Oklahoma.

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