FY 2017 Extramural Research Program Highlights: Cooperative Agreements

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Cooperative Agreements

Cooperative agreements allow NIOSH to partner with universities, state health departments, labor unions, and nonprofit organizations to address important public health problems. NIOSH funds a broad array of these agreements to develop knowledge in preventing job-related diseases and injury.

In FY2017, NIOSH funded the state surveillance program to support states in monitoring occupational injuries, diseases, deaths, and hazards. Other cooperative agreements awarded in FY2017 included new funding to monitor workers’ compensation claims, funding for Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing (AFF) to support forestry safety research, and the National Mesothelioma Virtual Bank. Selected highlights from the state surveillance program are provided below.

State Surveillance Program

The state surveillance program helps expand the ability of states to monitor work-related health and safety issues. The program helps expand the role of states to conduct in-depth surveillance and follow-up investigations and inter­ventions. These local state-based skills and abilities help meet the NIOSH man­date to ensure a safe workplace. See the State Surveillance Program web page for more information on these state-based initiatives.

Map - NIOSH Sponsored State Occupational Health %26amp; Safety Surveillance Program