Extramural Workforce Development: Fiscal Year 2013 Annual Report

NIOSH Extramural Grant Distribution

Overall Success Rates for Research Project Grants

Integration of Research Goals by Sector

Research Funding by Sector Program in FY2012 and FY2013

Summary of all awards by type of funding in FY2013
Award category
Award category Award mechanism Number of awards Funding
Multidisciplinary Research Center 35 $48,659,718
Education and Research Centers (ERCs) Training Grant (T42) 18 $23,005,303
Agriculture Safety and Health Centers Cooperative Research Agreement (U54) 10 $14,701,716
Construction Center Cooperative Research Agreement (U60) 1 $5,750,000
Work Life Centers Cooperative Research Agreement (U19) 4 $4,424,290
Western Mining Training Center Cooperative Research Agreement (U60) 2 $778,409
Investigator-initiated Research Grants 101 $30,249,244
Research Grants Investigator-initiated (R01, R03, R21,R13) 94 $29,494,174
Career Developmental Research Mentored Career Scientist (K01) 7 $755,070
Other Research (Cooperative Agreements) 29 $10,441,817
Surveillance Cooperative Research Agreement (U60) 23 $6,498,529
Hurricane Sandy Cooperative Research Agreement (U19) 5 $2,658,251
Virginia Tech Cooperative Research Agreement (U60) 1 $1,285,037
Training Program Grants 28 $4,089,155
Training Program Grants (TPGs) T01, T02, and T03 28 $4,089,155
Small Business Innovation Research 5 $1,037,626
Small Business Innovation Research Phase I (R43) and Phase II (R44) 5 $1,037,626
Total Extramural Funding 198 $94,477,560

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The Annual Report of Fiscal Year 2013 was prepared by the Office of Extramural Programs | National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

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