NIOSH Radiation Dose Reconstruction Program

National Day of Remembrance October 30, 2021 with an American flag in the background and nuclear weapons production workers highlighted in stars

We at NIOSH are honored to pay special tribute to the country’s uranium and nuclear weapons workers on October 30, 2021, which is a National Day of Remembrance for Nuclear Weapons Program Workers. Many of those workers, who were exposed to radiation and toxins, became sick and died because of the work. So, especially on this occasion, we reflect and remember the hard work, ingenuity, dedication, and sacrifices by these special workers who helped make America safer in uncertain times. We thank these workers and the many surviving family members for your service and support in service to the nation. We are honored to support the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act of 2000 that has and will continue to help these workers and their survivors.

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