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Concept: Proposed Industrial Powered, Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) Standard

NOTE: This page is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated.


November 04, 2005

84.300 Scope
84.301 Definitions
84.302 Description
84.303 Required components
84.304 General construction
84.305 Breathing tubes
84.306 Body harnesses
84.307 Head harness
84.308 Respiratory inlet coverings
84.309 Eyepieces of respiratory inlet coverings
84.310 Inhalation and exhalation valves
84.311 Exhalation valve leakage
84.312 Breathing resistance
84.313 Air pressure determination for maintaining positive pressure
84.314 Air flow determination for testing cartridges, canisters, and/or filters at a constant flow and for machine breathing gas testing
84.315 PAPR100 and PAPR95 particulate filter efficiency level determination
84.316 Chemical cartridge/canister gas/vapor removing effectiveness
84. 317 Laboratory Respiratory Protection Level (LRPL)
84.318 Field of view
84.319 Low temperature fogging
84.320 Noise levels
84.321 Breathing gas: Carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) machine test
84.322 Breathing gas: Oxygen (O 2 ) and Carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) human subject-generated
84.323 Low pressure indicator
84.324 Full and low battery power indicator
84.325 Battery life
84.326 End-of-Service-Life (ESLI) criteria
84.327 Service time limitations
84.328 Shelf life limitations
84.329 Intrinsic safety, optional
84.330 Hydration device (drink tube), optional
84.331 Additional container requirements specific to PAPRs
84.332 Additional l abeling requirements specific to PAPRs

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