Standard Application for the Approval of Respirators

Version 7

Installing the Standard Application

  • Download SAF_Version7_2009-10-05/saf_v7.zipzip icon into a temporary folder.
  • Extract the files into a temporary folder by double-clicking the file “saf_v7.exe” (default is c:tempniosh).
  • Run “setup.exe” which will be in the temporary folder.
  • Accept the default settings

The application will be installed in the folder “c:niosh”. If an earlier version of the software has been installed, the template data file “saf_data.mdb” will be overwritten. Other previously created data files will not be overwritten. Instructions on running the software are included in the “readme.txt” file.

NOTE: The application software requires the entry of a manufacturer code. Manufacturer codes for NIOSH approval holders are included in the software. If your company is not currently an approval holder, please contact NIOSH for the assignment of a manufacturer code.

Application Installation Procedures

Important Note for IT Departments with Users Running SAF Version 7 pdf icon[PDF – 14 KB]
Provides information useful to network administrators about the installation of Microsoft Active X Data Object Library. This software must be present in order for SAF version 7 to function.

Installation Instructions for SAF Version 7 pdf icon[PDF – 178 KB]
Provides step-by-step instructions accompanied by screenshots for the installation of SAF version 7.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions for SAF Version 7 pdf icon[PDF – 127 KB]

For a complete set of application procedures, contact NIOSH by Email at

Page last reviewed: January 31, 2018