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NORA Transportation, Warehousing and Utilities Sector Council

The NORA Transportation, Warehousing, and Utilities (TWU) Council brings together individuals and organizations to share information, form partnerships, and promote adoption and dissemination of solutions that work. It was formed in 2006 for the second decade of NORA. The Council seeks to facilitate the most important research, understand the most effective intervention strategies, and learn how to implement those strategies to achieve sustained improvements in workplace practice. Contact Jennifer E. Lincoln or the NORA Coordinator with any questions, comments, or to volunteer.

Meetings and News

The NORA TWU Sector Council is currently reviewing public comments on the draft National Occupational Research Agenda for Transportation, Warehousing and Utilities and making revisions. The final version of the Agenda is forthcoming.

Sector Description

The Transportation, Warehousing and Utilities (TWU) sector includes more than 7.6 million workers, or 5.1% of the U.S. working population, in NAICS codes 22, 48 and 49. TWU has three distinct sub-sectors:

  • Transportation – includes industries providing transportation of passengers and cargo; scenic and sightseeing transportation; and support activities related to modes of transportation.
  • Warehousing – includes industries providing warehousing and storage of goods.
  • Utilities – comprises establishments engaged in providing, servicing, and distributing; electric power; natural gas; steam supply; water supply; and sewage removal.
Information is available about the NIOSH TWU Program, which facilitates the work of the council.