National Occupational Injury Research Symposium (NOIRS)

Cindy DePrater
Vice President, Environmental Health and Safety
Turner Construction Company

Cindy DePrater

Ms. DePrater has more than 37 years of construction industry experience in pre-construction, operations, safety, loss prevention, environmental, and training. As vice president, she is responsible for Turner’s safety, health, and environmental program worldwide. She leads a staff of three national coordinators, more than 30 safety directors, and indirectly oversees more than 200 safety professionals across the country. Under her direction, the team ensures full compliance with Turner’s internal policies and guidelines as well as all regulatory standards. Ms. DePrater is responsible for analyzing the organization’s critical environmental health and safety requirements, identifying deficiencies and potential opportunities, and developing innovative solutions.

In her role at Turner, she has formed strong sustainable relationships with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), and other government agencies. Ms. DePrater also sits on several national committees and advisory boards that influence and impact legislative action for worker health and safety.

Additionally, she is a frequent, recognized, and requested speaker on the subject of environmental safety and health at conferences nationwide, as well as a guest lecturer at several universities across the country. She has received many honors and awards.

Ms. DePrater is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and has numerous certifications and licenses, and holds the distinction of registered Associate of Loss Control Management (ALCM) from Det Norske Veritas.

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