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Construction safety and health for civil engineers. Instructional module.

New York: American Society of Civil Engineers, 1994 Oct; :1-251
The primary aim of this instructional module is to develop in the faculty and students an awareness of the many facets of safety and health, as applicable to civil engineering and construction work. Lack of a significant coverage of occupational and public safety and health topics in the related curricula has produced a gap of knowledge; this module attempts to fill this gap. Although a broad range of issues, concepts, principles and recommendations regarding construction safety and health are covered, this coverage is not intended to be comprehensive or exhaustive. Numerous references are provided in the module to lead the faculty and students into a vast wealth of knowledge in the fast changing field of safety and health engineering and management. The module consists of seven units which can be utilized independently, or in desired combinations. It is envisioned that the information presented will be integrated in design and professional courses as a complement to the existing course materials, as deemed suitable. The loose-bound format in which the units are presented should allow future expansion and updates. Each unit starts with a set of goals and objectives, lists the key terms relevant to the covered topics, presents concise information on the subject matter, and contains a list of the cited references at the end. Review questions are also incorporated in each unit to guide the faculty and students to synthesizing the important parts of the contents, and developing detailed summaries of the material covered through the answers. In the first unit of this module an introduction to the occupational safety and health problems in the construction industry is offered using statistical data, followed by a discussion of the needs for improving the industry's poor safety and health record, with special emphasis on the need for education and training. In the second unit, humanitarian, legal, institutional and economic concerns are described, stressing that accidents cost money and effective safety and health programs result in tangible savings. The third unit covers the salient points of safety and health legislation from a historical perspective, and presents information on the various federal and state agencies, and professional and trade organizations involved in safety and health. The fourth unit of this module presents fundamental information on the causation of accidents, injuries and illnesses, and accident investigation, reporting, and prevention/control principles. The recognition and control of specific hazards associated with a variety of construction tasks and operations are covered in the fifth unit at some depth, with citations of the relevant OSHA standards. The sixth unit is devoted to the understanding of the causes of construction and structural failures through well-known case histories, along with the definition of the engineer's role (and liability) in the delivery of safe design and construction. Finally, in the seventh unit, the need for and the elements of effective company and project safety and health programs are discussed with emphasis on planning, organization, implementation and evaluation. There may be several important topics related to construction safety and health not covered in this module, or covered in insufficient detail. The faculty and students are encouraged to identify and explore such topics through their own research. Also, some of the information presented, especially the information pertaining to regulations and standards, may become obsolete with time. It is the responsibility of the engineer to stay current in the field to effectively perform his/her professional duties.
Engineering; Engineering-controls; Construction-industry; Accident-analysis; Accident-potential; Accident-prevention
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Construction Safety and Health for Civil Engineers. Instructional Module
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