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Acute inhalation toxicity of ethylamine, diethylamine and triethylamine - effects on rodent nasal passages.

Lynch-DW; Schueler-RL; Corgacz-EJ
Toxicologist 1999 Mar; 48(1-S):117
To address occupational toxicology needs, the acute inhalation toxicity of ethylamine (EA), diethylamine (DEA) and triethylamine (TEA) was investigated using F344 rats, and B6C3Ff mice (DEA only). Groups of 4-5 animals were exposed via whole body inhalation to each amine at 250 or 1000 ppm for 6 hrs/day for a total of 10 exposure days. Body weights and histopathological evaluations of major organs including the nasal passages were conducted. In general, mean body weights were unchanged or decreased slightly in the groups exposed at 250 ppm. In contrast, mean body weights were significantly decreased in both sexes from all groups exposed at 1000 ppm, regardless of amine. No deaths occurred in rats exposed to EA or to the other amines at 250 ppm. Two of five male and 1/5 female rats exposed to 1000 ppm TEA died. Four of five male and female rats and 1/5 male and female mice exposed at I 000 ppm DEA also died. Histopathology of the major organs was unremarkable except for the upper respiratory tract and nares. Treatment-related effects seen in the nasal passages of animals exposed at 1000 ppm ranged from moderate necrotizing inflammation (EA, TEA) to squamous metaplasia and turbinate atrophy (DEA, both species). Effects seen in the nasal passages of animals exposed at 250 ppm ranged from slight necrotizing inflammation (EA) to squamous metaplasia and localized turbinate atrophy (DEA, both species). No effects were seen in the nasal passages of rats exposed at 250 ppm TEA. Squamous metaplasia of the tracheal mucosa was found in rats exposed to 1000 ppm TEA and 1000 ppm DEA. Ulcerative tracheitis was also found in rats exposed to 1000 ppm DEA. Squamous metaplasia of the trachea and the mainstem bronchi was found in mice exposed to 1 000 ppm DEA. Based on acute toxicity to the nasal passages, the ethylamine series is ranked as follows: DEA > EA > TEA.
Toxicology; Toxins; Toxic-materials; Statistical-analysis; Analytical-methods; Analytical-chemistry; Chemical-analysis; Chemical-properties; Animal-studies; Laboratory-animals; Exposure-assessment; Respiratory-system-disorders; Pulmonary-system-disorders; Pulmonary-disorders; Nasal-disorders
75-04-7; 109-89-7; 121-44-8
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The Toxicologist. Society of Toxicology 38th Annual Meeting, March 14-18, 1999, New Orleans, Louisiana
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