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Seroprevalence of natural rubber latex-specific IgE antibody in non-healthcare workers.

Biagini-RE; Lewis-DM; Bledsoe-TA; MacKenzie-BA; Robertson-SA; Pinkerton-LE
Toxicologist 1999 Mar; 48(1-S):314
Serological assays for latex (LAT)-.specific IgE antibody are extensively used in the diagnosis of LAT allergy. We present the results of testing sera with two FDA 51OK cleared, LAT IgE kits (CAP System and AlaSTAT Microplate [ALA]). Total IgE levels were also measured. The sera were obtained from 381 workers employed in numerous, non-healthcare industries over the last ten years and stored frozen. Twenty-six sera gave positive (pos) results using the ALA assay (6.82%), while 24 yielded pos results (6.30%), using the CAP assay (pos cutoff= about 0.35 kIU(A/L). The assays agreed on the pos or negative (neg) status of 349 samples (91.6%). Discordant results (ALA pos, CAP neg) occurred in 17 sera (4.46%), while ALA neg, CAP pos results occurred in 15 sera (3.94%). Both assays agreed on the pos status of 9 sera (2.360/0). The mean total IgE of all sera (N=374) was 144.19 +/- 284.00 kU/L (+/- SD). There were no significant differences (P=NS) between the mean ALA and CAP assays' measurements of LAT antibodies for all 381 participants, yielding 0.28 +/- 0.19 and 0.34+/- 0.59 kIUA/L, respectively. CAP and ALA results were significantly correlated, (0.271, P<O.OI). When sera with only pos LAT IgE antibodies were evaluated, CAP yielded significantly higher results than ALA (1.71 +/- 1.93 (N=24) V8. 0.75 +/- 0.55 k/U(AIL (N=26), (P<O.05). Pearson correlation analyses of all sera indicated significant, albeit low, associations between total IgE levels and LAT specific IgE levels (A LA =0.11 7, P<O.O5; CAP=044 , P<O. 01 ). These data indicate that both the CAP and ALA LAT specific antibody kits essentially agree on the seroprevalence of LAT IgE in non-hea1thcare workers (6.30% vs. 6.82%), respectively, and also agree with the seroprevalence (ALA, 6.4%) reported in 1000 blood donors (Ownby, 1996). The CAP assay gave significantly higher mean levels of LAT specific antibody in pos individuals than the ALA assay. However, both assays identify different individuals as being "pos", most probably since these assays detect different subsets of antibodies, presumably to different LAT allergen epitopes presentin the kits.
Allergies; Allergic-reactions; Allergic-disorders; Allergens; Serological-techniques; Statistical-analysis
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The Toxicologist. Society of Toxicology 38th Annual Meeting, March 14-18, 1999, New Orleans, Louisiana
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