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Farm hazards to household youth on minority operated farms in the United States, 2000: exposures and injuries from work, horses, ATVs and tractors.

Hendricks-KJ; Myers-JR; Goldcamp-EM; Layne-LA
Proceedings of the National Institute for Farm Safety (NIFS) 2003 Annual Conference. Madison, WI: National Institute for Farm Safety, Inc., 2003 Jun; :1-15
The farm is a unique environment composed of many different injury hazards. Many routine farm activities expose household youth to a variety of these hazards just by virtue of the youth living on the farm. Youth living on minority operated farms, which represent less than 3% of all U.S. farms, are likely to face similar hazards. However, since this population is not well represented in most general farm studies, such information is not available. This paper will fill in some of these gaps by examining four specific exposures and the associated injuries: work, horses, all terrain vehicles (ATVs), and tractors. Data were obtained from the Minority Farm Operator Childhood Agricultural Injury Survey (M-CAIS) and a telephone survey of 49,270 minority farms across the U.S. The M-CAIS collected information on all non-fatal injuries to youth less than 20 years of age on minority operated farms for the calendar year 2000. Minority operated farms included four racial minorities (Black, Asian, American Indian, and Other) and Hispanic ethnicity. In addition to injury information, data were also collected on household youth exposure to work, horses, ATVs, and tractors. There were approximately 28,600 youth less than 20 years of age living on farms with a racial minority operator in 2000. During that year, about 11,753 (41%) of these youth reported working on the farm, 7,459 (26%) rode a horse on the farm, 6,514 (23%) drove an ATV on the farm, and 6,452 (23%) operated a tractor on the farm. Work injuries accounted for about 40% of the total injuries to youth living on racial minority operated farms. Horses, tractors, and ATVs combined were involved in about 30% of the injuries. There was an estimated 17,998 youth less than 20 years of age living on farms with a Hispanic operator in 2000. Of these youth, about 7,921 (44%) worked on the farm during 2000, 5,331 (30%) rode a horse on the farm, 4,872 (27%) drove an ATV on the farm, and 4,412 (25%) operated a tractor. Work injuries accounted for about half of the injuries to youth living on Hispanic farms, while tractors, ATVs, and horses accounted for approximately 30% of the injuries. Data on exposures, injuries, and injury rates from these hazards will be presented. This examination will also provide a discussion of strategies which may reduce the number of injuries to youth on farms.
Age-factors; Age-groups; Agricultural-industry; Agricultural-workers; Agriculture; Families; Farmers; Injuries; Demographic-characteristics; Racial-factors; Accident-statistics; Statistical-analysis; Agricultural-machinery; Motor-vehicles; Tractors; Animals; Household-workers; Surveillance
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Division of Safety Research, 1095 Willowdale Road, Morgantown, WV 26505
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Abstract; Conference/Symposia Proceedings
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Proceedings of the National Institute for Farm Safety (NIFS) 2003 Annual Conference