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Mental health symptoms in a population based survey of minority farm operators.

Alterman-T; Steege-AL; Li-J; Petersen-MR
APHA 131st Annual Meeting and Exposition, San Francisco, California, November 15-19, 2003. Washington, DC: American Public Health Association, 2003 Nov; :62928
All mental health questions referred to the four weeks prior to the survey. Prevalences were adjusted for age, education, smoking, and years of farm and non-farm work. No differences were found among racial groups regarding cutting down on activities due to emotional problems. The following differences were present for at least one gender. American Indian and Alaskan Natives reported a higher prevalence compared to whites, of lost sleep over worry, trouble keeping busy, not leaving the house, and not playing a useful part in things. They were also more likely to have at least 4 of 20 symptoms, indicating psychiatric illness. Compared to whites, Asians reported a higher prevalence of trouble keeping busy and difficulty making decisions, but a lower prevalence of feeling under constant strain. African Americans reported a higher prevalence of difficulty concentrating, problems with alertness, trouble keeping busy, inability to enjoy normal activities, and not feeling happy, but a lower prevalence of feeling under constant strain compared to whites. Ethnic differences will also be presented. These data will allow mental health professionals to understand racial and ethnic differences in prevalence of mental health symptoms among farm operators, and suggest opportunities for targeting interventions or services to these populations. 1. Identify mental health symptoms experienced by farm operators. 2. Describe racial and ethnic differences in mental health symptoms. 3. Discuss implications of these findings for mental health intervention and services for farm operators.
Mental-health; Farmers; Racial-factors; Agricultural-industry; Agricultural-workers; Occupational-health; Questionnaires; Demographic-characteristics; Age-factors; Sex-factors; Smoking
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 4676 Columbia Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45226
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APHA 131st Annual Meeting and Exposition, San Francisco, California, November 15-19, 2003