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Continuous production of granular or powder Ti, Zr and Hf or their alloy products.

White JC; Oden LL
US Pat 5,259,862 1993 Nov; :1-5
A continuous process for producing a granular metal selected from the group consisting of Ti, Zr or Hf under conditions that provide orderly growth of the metal free of halide inclusions comprising: a) dissolving a reducing metal selected from the group consisting of Na, Mg, Li or K in their respective halide salts to produce a reducing molten salt stream; b) preparing a second molten salt stream containing the halide salt of Ti, Zr or Hf; c) mixing and reacting the two molten streams of steps a) and b) in a continuous stirred tank reactor; d) wherein steps a) through c) are conducted at a temperature range of from about 800 degrees C. to about 1100 degrees C. so that a weight percent of equilibrium solubility of the reducing metal in its respective halide salt varies from about 1.6 weight percent at about 900 degrees C. to about 14.4 weight percent at about 1062 degrees C.; and wherein a range of concentration of the halide salt of Ti, Zn or Hf in molten halides of Na, Mg, Li or K is from about 1 to about 5 times the concentration of Na, Mg, Li or K; e) placing the reacted molten stream from step c) in a solid-liquid separator to recover an impure granular metal product by decantation, centrifugation, or filtration; and f) removing residual halide salt impurity by vacuum evaporator or inert gas sweep at temperatures from about 850 degrees C. to 1000 degrees C. or cooling the impure granular metal product to ambient temperature and water leaching off the residual metal halide salt.
Halides; Metal alloys; Metallurgical processes; Metallurgy; Metals; Zirconium alloys; Titanium; Hafnium
7440-58-6; 7440-67-7; 7440-32-6
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P 03-94
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United States Patent 5,259,862
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