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System for the Dielectrophoretic Separation of Particulate and Granular Materials.

Jordan-CE; Weaver-CP
U S Pat 4 164 460 1979 Aug; :
A system for the continuous dielectrophoretic separation of mixtures of particulate and granular materials by passing the materials through a divergent electric field created in a fluid dielectric medium by applying a voltage to an electrode configuration including a rotatable cylindrical-shaped electrode having a nonuniform conductor surface and a stationary perforate electrode spaced therefrom to define a contact zone. The particles having dielectric constants lower than that of the fluid medium are collected through the perforate electrode while those particles having dielectric constants higher than that of the fluid medium are attached to and separated by the rotatable electrode. In the experimental apparatus upon which the patent was based, the rotatable cylindrical electrode was 1 in diameter and had copper wires spaced 1/8 in apart parallel to the axis of rotation forming the cylinder's surface. The stationary electrode was a quarter cylinder of 60-mesh screen positioned below the cylinder and separated from it by a space of 1/8 in. Both were immersed in a suitable dielectric fluid to a point slightly above the axis of rotation of the cylinder. A means for feeding the powder mixture to be separated was positioned above the cylinder and below the screen were collecting areas for the separated products. Particles having a dielectric constant lower than the dielectric medium fell through the cylinder and passed through the screen to collect in the first area, while particles having a higher dielectric constant than the medium became attached to the cylinder and w
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PAT 4,164,460
NIOSH Division
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U.S. Pat. 4,164,460, Aug. 14, 1979; Chem. Abstr. Not Found