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Spectrally Selective Solar Absorbers.

Blickensderfer-R; Deardorff-DK; Lincoln-RL
U S Pat 4 098 956 1978 Jul; :
Thin film absorber stacks consisting of an absorptive film of titanium, zirconium, or hafnium suboxide, subcarbide, or subnitride superposed on a reflective film of silver, aluminum, or copper display spectrally selective characteristics. The absorptive film may be prepared by reactively sputtering the metal or the metal carbide in argon or other inert gas with small amounts of gas containing carbon, oxygen, or nitrogen or their combinations, or by reaction of the metal film in air or other gas. Thus, a silver reflecting film was deposited onto a glass substrate by sputtering. Thereafter, a zirconium metal film having a thickness of approximately 800 angstroms was sputtered atop the silver layer. The composite material was then heated in air at 300 deg c for 30 min. Scanning spectrophotometers were used to measure the normal spectral reflectance at room temperature using aluminum mirrors as reference standards. Measured reflectance values were corrected for the reflectance of aluminum and for instrument deviations as determined by scanning a calibrated standard. Solar absorptance was found to be 0.73; Thermal emittance at 600 k was 0.029 and the ratio of the two values was 25. Similarly, a thin film of zirconium was sputter coated onto a stainless steel substrate and a silver reflective film was then sputtered atop the zirconium. Thereafter a film of zrnx approximately 1,800 angstroms thick was reactively sputtered onto the silver coating using a nitrogen partial pressure of 0.12 Torr. The solar absorptance was found to be 0.85; Thermal emittance was 0.035 and th
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PAT 4,098,956
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U.S. Pat. 4,098,956, July 4, 1978; Chem. Abstr. Not Found