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Recovery of Copper and Nickel from Alloys.

Henrie-TA; Lindstrom-RE; Lei-KPV
U S Pat 4 085 017 1978 Apr; :
Electrolysis is carried out in a 2-compartment cell containing an intermediate liquid cu-hg alloy electrode between the anode and cathode compartments and an anode of an alloy for metal recovery. Thus, 888 g of monel (ni 69, cu 30, fe 0.25) As anode was electrolyzed in a cucl2-hcl solution containing 50 g/l cu at ph 1. The volume of the anolyte and catholyte was each 3 l and was circulated by a pump. A current of 2.5 A and a potential of 6.5 V was used for a 24-h electrolysis to deposit 44 g at the cathode and this deposit was cu 81 and hg 16 pct. After electrolysis, the anolyte contained cu 44 and ni 0.02 G/l. The weight loss of the anode was 66 g and after electrolysis the intermediate electrode contained 5.4 pct cu. Chem. Abstr. 89:166,695T (see also chem. Abstr. 89:50,571V) electrolysis is in a cell consisting of a cu-ni waste alloy anode, a copper cathode, a glass barrier, an intermediate cu-hg alloy electrode, aqueous cuso4 solution at ph 0.5- 1.5 As electrolyte, and a direct current of approximately 5-15 V and 10-50 a/ft2. Thus, 888 g of monel (containing ni 69, cu 30, and fe 0.25) As anode was electrolyzed to yield a 44 g cathode deposit (cu 81 and hg 19 pct), an anolyte (containing cu 39, ni 15, and fe 0.06 G/l), and a catholyte (containing cu 44 and ni 0.02 G/l). The weight loss of the anode was 66 g.
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PAT 4,085,017
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U.S. Pat. 4,085,017; Apr. 18, 1978; Chem. Abstr. 89:50,571V