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Recovery of Tungsten from Brines.

Borrowman-SR; Altringer-PB; Brooks-PT
U S Patent Number 4 409 189 1983 Oct; :
Tungsten is extracted from alkaline brines by loading the metal values on an 8-hydroxyquinoline-resorcinol-formaldehyde (qrf) resin; selectively desorbing b, as, and s from the residue by an nh4cl- nh4oh solution at ph 7.5-9.5; and desorbing the w from the residue by water or alkaline solution. Thus, 3 columns, 2.54 Cm diameter, filled to a depth of 20 cm with 20-48 mesh qrf resin beads, were loaded by passing 9.6 L (96 bed volumes) of 32 deg c carbonated brine (wo3 0.075, Cl- 140, na+ 123, b4o72- 8.7, So42- 68, k+ 25, co32- 5, po43- 0.8, Br- 0.8, S2- 0.2, As 0.2, I- 0.1 G/l) at ph 7.5 Through two series-connected columns at 1.947 L/min-cm2. Tungsten in the effluent was 0.0019 G/l wo3, indicating an extraction of 91 pct. Borate and arsenic extractions were 1.3 and 1.8 pct, respectively. The loaded resin was eluted with 23.1 L (2.3 Bed volumes) of ph 8.3 Aqueous solution of 1n nh4cl and 0.1N nh4oh. The eluant flow was 0.25 Ml/min-cm2 at 32 deg c. The eluant analysis showed wo3 2.6, B4o72- 97, and as 77 pct elution. The resin was eluted with 270 ml (2.7 Bed volumes) of 3n nh4oh solution at 32 deg c with 0.25 Ml/min-cm2. The eluate recovered 100 pct of the tungsten.
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PAT 4,409,189
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U.S. Patent Number 4,409,189, October 11, 1983; Chem. Abstr. 98:183,259G