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Control Methods for Metals and Metalloids in III-V Materials Vapor- Phase Epitaxy.

Hazard Assessment and Control Technology in Semiconductor Manufacturing, Lewis Publishers, Inc., Chelsea, Michigan 1989:243-258
The features of vapor phase epitaxy (VPE) technologies, a form of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) used with compounds of elements from the IIA and VA columns of the periodic table (III-V materials) were reviewed and the occupational hazards involved were discussed. Processes and materials used in VPE and metal/organic CVD (MOCVD) were considered; control measures and directions for further research were suggested. Chloride and hydride VPE were important conventional VPE techniques. The chloride method used arsenic- trichloride (7784341) or phosphorus-trichloride (7719122) as the group-V source. The hydride VPE technique has been used to make light emitting diodes since the 1960s. MOCVD was an advanced CVD technique using organometallic compounds stored in stainless steel cylinders in controlled temperature baths. The unique features of the technique were its sophisticated gas system controls and the ability to grow complex multiple layer structures. Threshold limit values were listed for materials used in III-V VPE. Specific control methods are discussed for aluminum (7429905) and aluminum compounds, gallium (7440553) and gallium compounds, indium (7440746) and indium compounds, phosphorus (7723140), phosphine (7803512), organophosphine compounds, arsenic (7440382) and arsenic compounds, antimony (7440360) and antimony compounds. Other hazardous materials used in the III-V process include hydrogen-chloride (7647010), ammonia (7664417), and dopants. Process controls include the reactor design, gas detector system, ventilation, effluent treatment, and high efficiency particulate vacuum cleaners.
Semiconductors; Electronics-industry; Accident-prevention; Toxic-gases; Gas-detectors; Phosphorus-compounds; Organo-metallic-compounds; Control-technology; Arsenic-compounds;
7784-34-1; 7719-12-2; 7429-90-5; 7440-55-3; 7440-74-6; 7723-14-0; 7803-51-2; 7440-38-2; 7440-36-0; 7647-01-0; 7664-41-7;
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Control Technology and Personal Protective Equipment; Research Tools and Approaches; Control-technology;
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Hazard Assessment and Control Technology in Semiconductor Manufacturing, Lewis Publishers, Inc., Chelsea, Michigan
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