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Pollutant Interaction and Environmental Characterization.

NIOSH 1982 Oct:176-196
Characterizing pollutants emitted by diesel equipment in underground coal mines was discussed. This was a summary of the discussion of the Pollutant Interaction and Environmental Characterization Work Group. The NIOSH draft document "The Health Implications of the Use of Diesel Engines in Underground Coal Mines" was critically reviewed. It was felt that the statement in the document that photochemical reactions and the resulting reaction products would not occur in mines because of the lack of ultraviolet radiation had to be qualified because the Mining Enforcement and Safety Administration is requiring that workplaces in underground coal mines be illuminated. This could result in ultraviolet radiation being emitted by some light systems. Carbon-monoxide (630080), carbon-dioxide (124389), and unburned hydrocarbon concentrations would remain stable in the mine environment; however, aldehydes could react to form acids. Exposure estimates of pollutants present in diesel exhaust emissions were prepared for the Health Effects Work Group to assist them in their discussion of potential health effects. Critical factors (interactions, ventilatory effects, load cycles, and measurements) relevant to determining the concentrations of carbon-monoxide, carbon-dioxide, nitric-oxide (10102439), nitrogen-dioxide (10102440), sulfur-dioxide (7446095), heteroatomic organic compounds, particulates, and particulate associated substances such as nitric-acid (7697372) and polynuclear aromatic compounds in underground coal mines were discussed. The adequacy of information and techniques for determining these factors were considered and high priority research gaps were identified. Critical factors relevant to measuring noise, ionizing radiation, and heat in dieselized coal mines were discussed.
Diesel-engines; Diesel-exhausts; Coal-mining; Underground-mining; Air-contamination; Mathematical-models; Occupational-health; Ultraviolet-radiation
630-08-0; 124-38-9; 10102-43-9; 10102-44-0; 7446-09-5; 7697-37-2
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Conference/Symposia Proceedings
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DHHS (NIOSH) Publication No. 82-122
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Proceedings of a Workshop on the Use of Diesel Equipment in Underground Coal Mines, Morgantown, West Virginia, September 19-23, 1977; Morgantown, West Virginia, NIOSH
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