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Effects of anti-cholinesterase insecticides on salivary secretion pattern in rabbits and inhibition by PAM.

Kondo T; Mori T
Proceedings of the VII International Congress of Rural Medicine, September 17-21, Salt Lake City, Utah. International Association of Agricultural Medicine, 1978 Sep; :288-290
The effects of anticholinesterase insecticides on salivary secretion patterns were studied in rabbits. Male rabbits were injected subcutaneously with parathion (56382), dichlorvos (62737), dimetilan (644644), or pilocarpine (92137) with or without the oxime antidotes PAM (9003058), TMB-4 (56973), or toxogonin (114909). The effects of the compounds on secretion of saliva from the parotid salivary gland were measured for up to 3 hours after injection. Pilocarpine, dichlorvos, and dimetilan at doses of 0.5, 2.5, or 8 milligrams per kilogram (mg/kg), respectively, significantly increased salivation within 10 minutes. Parathion at 20mg/kg caused a delayed increase in salivation occurring 2 to 3 hours after injection. PAM, TMB-4, and toxogonin at doses up to 125mg/kg suppressed secretion of parotid saliva induced by pilocarpine, dimetilan, and dichlorvos within 30 minutes when they were administered simultaneously with the agents. However, when PAM was administered 1 hour after dichlorvos, there was no significant decrease in salivation, presumably because the onset of the toxic symptoms was so rapid that the PAM did not have a chance to react with the acetylcholinesterase. PAM was effective against salivation induced by parathion when given 5 hours after parathion. The authors conclude that pilocarpine, dichlorvos, and dimetilan rapidly accelerate secretion of saliva, while parathion induces a delayed increase in salivation. Oxime agents are able to reduce toxic symptoms such as salivation as well as restore acetylcholinesterase activity in cases of organophosphate poisoning.
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Proceedings of the VII International Congress of Rural Medicine, September 17-21, Salt Lake City, Utah
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