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Problems in the Pathology of Asbestosis.

Gross-P; Treville-RT; Cralley-LJ; Pundsack-FL
Pneumoconiosis, Proceedings of the International Conference, Johannesburg 1969 1970:126-132
Problems associated with understanding the pathogenesis of asbestosis were discussed. Theories of the pathogenic mechanism of asbestosis were reviewed. Three theories have been proposed: the mechanical, chemical, and surface activity theories. The pulmonary reaction to synthetic chrysotile (12001295) prepared by reacting magnesium-chloride with sodium-silicate under high temperature and pressure is that of a biologically inert dust; only a macrophagic reaction is induced. The lack of a definite dose response relationship between the amount of asbestos (1332214) dust inhaled and the degree of lung fibrosis or the occurrence of pleural plaques was considered to be one of the most puzzling aspects of asbestosis. The lack of a dose response relationship between pleural fibrosis or mesothelioma and inhaled asbestos fibers and the difficulty of explaining the development of peritoneal mesothelioma on the basis of asbestos fibers migrating through the intestinal wall suggested that there is not a one to one relationship between the inhaled asbestos fibers and these lesions. Lymphatic transport and the lymphoid tissue reaction to asbestos were discussed. In contrast to glass fibers, experimental animal studies have indicated that there is very little lymphatic transport of asbestos fibers. The authors suggest that the minimal involvement of satellite lymph nodes in transporting asbestos dust may be due to its difficulty in penetrating the interstitium or its being trapped and immobilized by perifocal inflammatory responses while within the interstitium.
Asbestos-fibers; Pulmonary-system-disorders; Lung-fibrosis; Lung-lesions; In-vivo-studies; Laboratory-animals; Pathogenicity; Biological-transport;
12001-29-5; 1332-21-4;
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Pneumoconiosis, Proceedings of the International Conference, Johannesburg 1969
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