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Fly-Shuttle Loom Picking Mechanism Vibration Studies Using Finite- Element Analysis.

Caliskan-M; Bailey-JR; Hodgson-TH
Noise-Con 81, Proceedings of the 1981 National Conference on Noise Control Engineering, Raleigh, North Carolina, 8-10 June, 1981 1981:187-190
A finite element model of the vibration of the fly shuttle loom picking mechanism was developed in order to calculate resonant frequencies and mode shapes. Acceleration measurements of the motion of the picking stick mechanism, which provides a means for propelling and arresting the shuttle, revealed significant levels of vibration. A cross spectrum, obtained by tapping the picker end of the hickory wood stick with an impedance hammer and monitoring the response at a point near the one third span point, showed a number of significant peaks or resonances below 2 kilohertz. Although the picking stick alone could be modeled as a tapered beam using classical vibration theory, the exact boundary conditions were difficult to define. Thus, a finite element model was developed consisting of 41 beam elements with 36 nodes, five material properties, and 19 geometric characteristics. Only transverse vibrations in the plane of shuttle flight were considered since the emphasis was on development of a vibration model. Calculated resonant frequencies (in hertz) using the classical method, the finite element method, and experimental results were compared and tabulated. The authors conclude that the finite element program accurately models the vibrational characteristics of the picking stick assembly, and that all the significant modes of vibration in the transverse direction along the flight of the shuttle are below a frequency of 2 kilohertz.
NIOSH-Grant; Textiles-industry; Industrial-noise; Acoustics; Acoustical-measurements; Noise-analysis; Equipment-design; Computer-models; Analytical-models;
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Conference/Symposia Proceedings;
Royster-LH; Hart-FD; Stewart-ND;
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Noise-Con 81, Proceedings of the 1981 National Conference on Noise Control Engineering, Raleigh, North Carolina, 8-10 June, 1981
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Textile Machine Design & Devel North Carolina State Univ P O Box 5006 Raleigh, N C 27650
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