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Noise Associated with Rings on Textile Ring Spinning Frames.

Stewart ND; Bailey JR
Noise-Con 81, Proceedings of the 1981 National Conference on Noise Control Engineering, Raleigh, North Carolina, 8-10 June, 1981 1981:183-186
An acoustical analysis was presented of noise associated with rings on textile ring spinning frames. The ring traveler system, in which bobbins spin at 6000 to 15000 revolutions per minute, was identified in previous work as one of the primary sources of noise on ring spinning frames. A mathematical analysis of the mechanics of ring traveler operation was performed to aid in explaining the noise. Radial force on the ring was found to increase with ring wear and also as the package fills and the radius of the bobbin of yarn becomes larger. An equation for the resonant frequencies of transverse vibration for a freely supported ring was given. Increasing ring stiffness was found to decrease the number of resonances and the amplitude of the vibrations. This relationship suggested that the one piece nonreversible ring and holder used in Europe would be quieter than the American reversible I-beam section ring. Ring noise was significant in spinning frame noise spectra at 4000 hertz (Hz) and higher octaves. A narrow band frequency analysis of the noise of a Roberts Arrow frame with 47.6 millimeter rings in elastomeric holders showed frequencies of the third, fourth, and fifth modes at 6600, 12600, and 19000Hz. On some spinning frames, the filling of the yarn package to its largest diameter near the bottom of the bobbin has resulted in noise levels that vary over the stroke of the ring tail, with noise in the higher octaves 1 to 3 decibels higher than normal. An apparent contradiction to the theory was observed when full packages produced lower noise levels in the 8000Hz range. It was hypothesized that the lower noise levels in this octave were due to acoustical absorption by the yarn on the bobbins.
NIOSH-Grant; Noise-control; Textiles-industry; Industrial-noise; Acoustics; Acoustical-measurements; Noise-absorption; Noise-analysis; Equipment-design;
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Royster LH; Hart FD; Stewart ND;
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Noise-Con 81, Proceedings of the 1981 National Conference on Noise Control Engineering, Raleigh, North Carolina, 8-10 June, 1981
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Textile Machine Design & Devel North Carolina State Univ P O Box 5006 Raleigh, N C 27650
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